For Three Years, He Has Been Carrying His Best Friend to School. When You Learn Why, You’ll Be Blown Away.

He will tend his flock like a shepherd; he will gather the lambs in his arms; he will carry them in his bosom, and gently lead… Isaiah 40:11

On his own Zhang Chi could not get to school; he’d have trouble leaving his home. See, Zhang is one of nearly one million people in the world who suffer from muscular dystrophy. He can’t walk, and doesn’t have access to a wheelchair or other means of assistance. So how does he live his life; how does he get to school?

Image via the Huffington PostMeet Xie. Xie is Zhang’s best friend, and everyday for the last three years, this selfless young man has been literally carrying Zhang to school. Why? Because that’s what friends do; after being posted on Weibo – basically China’s equivalent to Facebook – the boys touching story has gone viral, and as their principal says:

“The story … is so inspiring and touching. They aren’t family, but [Xie] has been doing this for three years. He’s the most beautiful student.”

China’s (in)famous one-child policy means that neither boy has biological siblings, but no doubt this is what brotherhood looks like. This is a lesson in compassion, and what it means to love our neighbors, to do everything together.

Be a Hero for a US Child In Need

Not every Zhang in the world has a friend like Xie; even in the US, getting to school quickly and safely is struggle. Donate todayto make a difference in the life of a child here in the United States. For just $25, you can provide a child in need with a bicycle and helmet – yes, to get to school, but also just to ride around the neighborhood.

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