You Won’t Believe How This Family Is Changing The Life Of One Homeless Man…

We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19

When Dwight and his family moved from the Midwest to Montreal, they encountered a group of people they hadn’t had to really think about until now: the homeless. The Spirit has been convicting Dwight and his wife to love these people, and reminded them that we were all adopted into God’s family, and therefore we should adopt others into ours. This doesn’t just mean adopting our friends or the people who we deem worthy – it means everyone, especially those ignored by society. Dwight’s wife admits that it has been a struggle to invite these people into her home, to expose her kids to the homeless, and to feed and clean up afterwards. It has also been a great reward. Dwight reminds us that we serve because we have been so perfectly served by God himself. If we do it to impress people, or look good, that energy will run dry. If, however, we do it for the glory of our heavenly Father, He will provide the strength to keep loving.

Here is a practical way to turn your faith into action! Right now we are raising funds to donate sleeping bags to the homeless.

Just $25 covers the price of a sleeping bag and a care package. Donations are 100% deductible, and 100% of everything donated goes directly to those in need. Click here to donate!

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