Beautiful Christmas Song By An Unlikely Duo!

Indiana contractors Josh Arnett and Aaron Gray have been friends since childhood and have always enjoyed singing gospel music. While working on a home remodel about three years ago, they thought it would be fun to sing while they worked. After a while they had the idea of putting it on video. A pastor friend of theirs recorded them singing while they worked and it went viral! Since then they’ve done a number of videos and started their own Facebook page. This version of the beautiful Christmas song “Mary Did You Know” shows them at their best! Using the wonderful acoustics of the garage in the home they are working on, they take a song they aren’t that familiar with (they used their phones for the words) and let their voices do the rest. Absolutely beautiful! They plan on sticking with gospel music since, as Aaron puts it, ” “We just feel like that there’s an awesome message in it. It’s what’s in our hearts, and we feel we should stick with it.” Couldn’t agree more.

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