Musician Uses Traditional Church Organ To Cover Popular Songs

When most people think of pop music, they don’t picture a classic organ, but Fabian Hartung is breaking stereotypes.

Musician Fabian Hartung has one of the more creative ideas that we have ever seen.

Hartung’s covers of various popular songs would already be awesome enough but once you see his instrument of choice? You are going to be absolutely spellbound.

Photo: YouTube/Wir sind da (We are here)

He uses a church organ to create these backdrops, which also include various film and video game soundtracks.

The organ that he utilizes is usually associated with church music but thanks to Fabian, all of that is about to change. It does not have to be used solely for hymns or other religious songs. His goal to make sure that people’s minds are changed forever.

Photo: YouTube/Wir sind da (We are here)

It is a noble pursuit, to say the least. Once you have seen the skills that he has to offer, you will see what all of the buzz is about. This instrument has far more versatility than most realize and that’s where his expertise comes into play. The songs that he selects are incredible and we are particularly enamored with his take on Green Day.

In addition to the Green Day jam, we were also head over heels for his cover of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.

Photo: YouTube/Wir sind da (We are here)

These songs were long overdue for a fresh take and thanks to this musical wizardry, we finally have them. There are no limits to the possibilities here and we hope that he is able to take these tunes to the next level.

Check out the videos below:

You can see more of his musical work on YouTube here!