7 Creative and Stunning Proposals

In life, marriage is one of the biggest personal steps for growth we can ever take. It takes two people and makes them one – a deep commitment wherein everything is shared. As scary as it sounds, it’s also a moment of unbridled joy and good will – that here, love actually happens everyday, renewed and received, with someone you are deeply committed to. So it’s little surprise that proposals are such a big deal. They are planned moments of beauty, and the surprise for the proposee is as awesome as the expectant grin of the proposer.

So, if you’re asking soon: take some inspiration. If you’ve already asked, what’s your amazing engagement story? Let us know in the comments below!

Olympian Brings His Girlfriend to the Podium

chandlergreversMatt Grevers had a lot on his mind: he was swimming for a gold medal at the national championships in the 100-meter backstroke, the US National Team trials for the 2012 Olympics were only weeks away…oh, and he was planning to propose to girlfriend Annie Chandler, too. Could it have gotten worse? As it turns out, Annie didn’t say “yes” or “no,” so overcome with being on the podium with her boyfriend on one knee before hundreds of witnesses asking for her hand. To check out their whole story, click here.
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