10-Year-Old Guitar Player Rocks Out In The Church Band

The boy’s dad was so proud, he couldn’t contain his excitement!

We love to see stories like this one because they remind us that the kids are all right after all. While it is easy to fall into the trap of talking like our parents and acting like things have gotten so bad, the youngsters are not nearly as wayward as some would like you to believe.

The father in this story certainly has much to be proud of. If this was our child, we would be very proud as well.

Photo: YouTube/Phoenix- Gospel Radio

It is always nice to see children finding their talents at a young age. This is the story of an extremely gifted ten-year-old who has taken his church by storm. This isn’t what you would expect, for sure.

There are a lot of children who struggle to enjoy their trips to church. That is no problem for this young man. When you can shred like this on the guitar, there is no limit to how much fun you can have. No matter where you are at or what you are doing, there is nothing wrong with incorporating some electric guitar. The video of the son playing his guitar with the church band is already awesome enough but that’s not all.

Photo: YouTube/Phoenix- Gospel Radio

As parents ourselves, we can truly appreciate this father’s reaction to his son’s guitar playing. He is one of the proudest parents that we have ever seen and we would feel the same way if we were in his shoes. There is something about seeing your children taking to church like this that simply fills your heart with joy.

Hopefully, this is not the last video that we see in this vein. We could use a whole video series of this child jamming out at church. The electric guitar is an instrument that is fun and enjoyable in almost any possible context that you can think of.

Photo: YouTube/Phoenix- Gospel Radio

We are also hoping that this kid sticks with it. Musical talent will take you farther than you could have ever expected and from the looks of this clip? Playing the guitar is something that he truly loves to do.

Kudos to this church for giving him the chance to show what he can do on their biggest stage.