Midland Lee High School in Midland, Texas was the setting for this amazing scene. This is one of the sweetest moments that we have seen in some time and we have Carlos Neira to thank for it.

According to News West 9, to his fellow students, he is known as Mr. Joyous. This young man was given the chance to display this joy during a graduation ceremony and this video is an absolute must-see.

Photo: Facebook/Midland ISD

We love to see kids like Carlos putting their happiness on full display. This is one of the most exuberant trips to the graduation stage that we have ever seen and we cannot stop watching it. It’s the type of video that you watch over and over again, keeping it on hand for those moments when you can really use a pick-me-up.

It’s always nice to get a reminder of why life is worth embracing. As adults, we tend to fall into the same routines and we lose sight of the little things.

Photo: Facebook/Midland ISD
Photo: Facebook/Midland ISD

Carlos is not allowing himself to do that and we hope that he maintains this same demeanor as he ages. He is a ray of sunshine who makes lives better everywhere that he goes.

The 19-year-old was not going to stop here, either. He plans on attending college and we hope that we have the chance to see an awesome video from that graduation as well. Carlos’ mother Teresa is proud of the man he is becoming and she raised him in the same manner as her other seven children. She attributes his confidence to this decision.

Photo: Facebook/Midland ISD

She also points to his devout faith as another factor. According to WCBI, she said, “He’s given us an example of sharing, of love, of happiness. Nothing gets him down. He looks up and points to God. God. He’s full of faith. Lots of faith.” It was not until this graduation that she realized just how popular her son is with the rest of his classmates.

“To our great surprise, they say ‘Carlos Neira’ and the whole world, the men in front of us and everyone recording, they started asking, ‘Oh my God! Who is he?’ Jeez! As if he was the president’s son or something,” Teresa shared.


The joy that is on display here is infectious. Kudos to Carlos for not letting anyone take his smile away!