When Zoski Brilla was sentenced to over a decade in prison, he knew that he was going to struggle immensely to deal with this emotional and mental burden.

While a prison stint is hard on anyone, Zoski was in an especially terrible predicament. He would not have a chance to meet his new son and his partner would be forced to raise him on their own.

Photo: TikTok/@zoskibrilla91

In order to get through this challenging time, Zoski leaned on his faith. He knew that if he placed in faith in God, He would carry him through it. Finally, he was given the chance to rejoin society.

He emerged from prison as a changed man. In a video shared on TikTok and YouTube, Zoski is given the chance to meet his son for the first time.

Photo: TikTok/@zoskibrilla91

He is clearly nervous and is even shaking. Zoski is clutching his stomach. Once his son finally appears, the two circle each other for a moment before embracing for the very first time. This is a massive first step for these two to take and we hope that there are many more.

We wish each of them the best as they are finally able to get to spend some quality time together. These are the stories that make us wonder if there is a better way. If the prison system is supposed to be geared towards rehabilitation of the individual, perhaps some of these sentences could be shorter. After all, children need their parents.

Photo: TikTok/@zoskibrilla91

It’s not like this is the only story of this nature, either. Unfortunately, they are all too common in our society. We cannot imagine the pain and sadness of being separated from our children during their youngest years. That is a time that you cannot get back, no matter how hard you try. Fortunately, Zoksi and his son still have a chance.

This one hit us right square in the feels. Watch the reunion for yourself in the video below:

With any luck, there will also be some follow-up videos!