The good folks at MOTW Coffee and Pastries in Indianapolis have a simple slogan. Their claim to fame is a very easy one to understand: They love to do “big things and good things.”

For James Tooley, good things needed to happen and they needed to happen quickly. He had fallen on hard times and had nowhere else to turn. Once he lost his job, his problems started to multiply.

Photo: Pexels/Jason Villanueva

He was unable to keep a roof over his head any longer and did not have any savings to fall back on. As a result, he was forced to reside beneath a tarp in the parking lot of MOTW Coffee and Pastries’ 82nd Street location. This business could not bear to see James living this way, though. They knew that they had to help and they ended up reaching out to the man.

“When they reached out, that right there, man, that changed everything. That gave me hope and everything,” Tooley said, according to WRTV. “I heard his story and was like, ‘Wow.’ It’s insane that you have been living here so long and no one has helped you,” said the general manager. That’s when the shop decided that it was time for them to step up.

They took to social media and started a fundraiser. All it took was a few days for them to raise nearly $15,000 for Tooley. In addition to these monies, they also took him to the store so that he could buy a new suit. He’s been given a warm place to sleep and food to eat as well.

“They did more than just help — they inspired me, motivated me and they were there for me. I just thank them and the people that donated the money. Whoever you are, I appreciate it,” Tooley continued.

A number of people have also reached out to provide him with employment leads.

“SAY HELLO TO THE ‘NEW’ JAMES! We went shopping last night and got him a brand new suit for an interview he has coming up along with several other warm winter clothing items. We got a brand new electrical bike that will allow him to travel to his nearby areas that he frequents. Last but not least, we took him to his new home and lets say he was comfortable (see last picture). We will be providing him with groceries for the next few months. Once again, a big thanks to everyone,” the company shared on their Facebook page.