We’ve written extensively about the Ronald McDonald House before. Truthfully, it’s hard to say enough good things about a great program giving kids fighting for their lives, and their families, a home while in regular treatment at children’s hospitals. It’s even harder to say thank you when you’re one of the families and children they help – how do you thank doctors for your life, strangers for their charity, and Ronald McDonald House for a home all at once?

Meet Chloe. A melanocytic nevus – a congenital mole and skin deformity that disfigured her face – that forced her to fly around the world for treatment. From Taiwan to Chicago is a long way; even longer for an eight-year-old with language and social barriers, leaving school and friends. Enter Ronald McDonald House. Forgetting her experimental chemo and radiation treatments, Chloe would spend hours on the piano. The instrument was a fixture that sat mostly unused, but had to be kept in constant tune by Radford Pianos, a local business who fell in love with Chloe’s inspiring music and started a fund to keep music floating through the halls for other patient families.

A year after going home, her treatment complete and lesion removed in remission, Chloe joined celebrated violinist Joshua Bell on stage at Chicago’s Millennium Park for a charity concert – but she did it from 7,500 miles away via satellite. This performance is so beautiful that the , and the event raised thousands for “Music, Love, and Family.” That’s how Chloe said thank you!