Toddler Stands On Church Pew And Hugs Everyone That Walks By

Aubrey didn’t care who walked passed her pew, they all got a hug!

As parents ourselves, we are going to level with you on this one. The idea of watching our child hug a series of strangers is enough to have us waking up in a cold sweat.

However, the dad that you are about to meet was actually looking on with a sense of awed wonder as his daughter, Aubrey, did just that during a recent church service.

Photo: Facebook/Tyler Hull

It is not every day that you get to watch your child hug a procession of strangers and actually feel good about it but that’s what this dad experienced recently. Aubrey stands up on the pew during the communion portion of the service, making sure to offer a hug to every single parishioner that walks past. It is one of the cutest things that we have ever seen.

Since Aubrey is less than three feet tall, she needs the pew, so that she can stand up properly. Otherwise, she would not be able to offer up the squeezes in a timely manner.

Photo: Facebook/Tyler Hull

Church service is already sweet enough but thanks to Aubrey, this service is about to become one of the sweetest that you have ever seen in your life.

There is a definite lesson in this video. Do you notice how Aubrey does not discriminate at all? She offers a hug to each and every person that walks by. She treats everyone that she sees with the same level of respect because she has not been taught anything different.

Photo: Facebook/Tyler Hull

Young, old, tall, short, she does not care. Aubrey is here to prove that there are angels who really do walk among us. The love that she shows to each person here is amazing.

If you can watch this video without having to reach for the tissues, you are stronger than us. We were ready to lose it the whole time.

Universal love is everything, and we hope that this video provides all of our readers with the necessary inspiration. If this little girl can find it in her heart to be kind and gracious to every person that she meets, what excuse do we have as adults?