Police Officer Hugs Distressed Man In Touching Bodycam Footage

Deputy Thorne and Deputy Parisek remained with the man for some 20 minutes to provide him comfort and an opportunity to chat.

A good hug when someone needs one is one of the most powerful things in the world. There is simply nothing like it and sometimes, the best hugs end up coming from the most unlikely sources.

That’s the crux of this story, which is sure to touch your heart. A police officer’s body cam captured this amazing moment, as a deputy comforted a man who was having a very tough time.

Photo: Facebook/Macomb County Sheriff’s Office

It all started when a deputy with the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office in Michigan was contacted about a car that was sitting on the side of the road.

As the department shared on Facebook, when Deputy Thorne arrived on the scene, he met with a man that we will refer to as Joe. The department is not releasing his real name, out of a desire to protect his identity.

Photo: Facebook/Macomb County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Thorne asked him what was wrong. Joe was not about to harm himself or anyone else. He simply pulled over because he had been feeling very overwhelmed. He was upset about a number of stressful issues that he was experiencing. Deputy Thorne wanted to know if there was anything that he could do to assist Joe during these very trying times. His answer will shock you.

All he wanted from this officer was a hug. Sometimes, that is all you need. Deputy Thorne was more than happy to provide the emotional support that Joe needed. He gave him a firm hug and gave him a chance to have a good cry. There are moments when you just need to let some tears out.

Photo: Facebook/Macomb County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Thorne and Deputy Parisek remained with Joe for another 20 minutes, as the two former veterans sat and swapped stories with him. Deputy Thorne did not want to leave Joe without any resources and that is why he provided him with his personal contact information. We cannot begin to imagine how Joe must have felt in this moment.

We all have moments where we feel overwhelmed and that is what makes this video so easy to relate to. If you would like to see this touching encounter for yourself, please be sure to check out this body cam footage below:


You may feel compelled to let some tears go yourself. Kudos to these officers for taking the time to get to the bottom of this man’s struggles and providing him with the help that he sorely needed.

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