What Happens When We Die? 6 Testimonies From Those Who’ve Gone Beyond

It still remains one of the most pressing questions in the human experience: what happens when we die? Before Jesus, most Jews believed in Sheol, a separated place below the heavens where all went. In some religions, reincarnation awaits us, and in others there is nothing after death at all. Jesus promised the comfort of Heaven, and told of Hell, too. Below, we’ve compiled six amazing testimonies of those who have gone beyond this life and lived to tell about it!

#6 Tamara Laroux is Saved from Hell

When Tamara Laroux’s parents divorced, the teenage girl could see nothing except fault in herself – that she was the one responsible for her their breakup. Seeing herself as a burden to other people, Tamara became convinced that there was no way to live a happy life. Feeling rejected at age 15, she shot herself in the chest. Gripped by death, Tamara describes a terrifying time in Hell where she “became depression, became loneliness.” Everyone screamed their desire that others would recognize that life is about Jesus Christ. Plucked out of this horror by the hand of God, Tamara felt pure joy as God put her back in her body at complete peace.

You can see Tamara’s entire testimony in this video.

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