Vending Machine Allows You To Buy Goats, Shoes And More For People In Third World Countries

Instead of buying a candy bar, you can buy a life-changing resource for a family in need!

For many of us, the prospect of helping the less fortunate is something that we think about a lot but we can struggle to put our ideas into action.

There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s why we love this story. One special church took the time to create vending machines that provide people with the chance to make key purchases for those who are in need.

Photo: Facebook/Come Unto Christ

These one-of-a-kind vending machines are the brainchild of a church in Salt Lake City. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is responsible for the installation of the first four vending machines.

They are located at the corner of the main lobby at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, in case anyone who resides in the area finds themselves curious.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

While you’ll have to venture to downtown Salt Lake to check out the original machines, others have been installed in various cities around the U.S.

If you are willing to part with $75, you can donate a goat that will provide milk to a third-world family. $25 donations will allow you to pay for at least two chickens.

Photo: Facebook/Come Unto Christ

An eye exam can be had for just $20 and a $5 donation will provide a pair of eyeglasses to someone who is in need. As the website explains, the vending machines are based on Matthew 10:18, encouraging parishioners to embrace the “Freely ye have received, freely give” passage more frequently.

There are four different machines, all of which provide different items from different charities. Lifesaving medications are available, as well as shoes and personal first aid kits. Utah Food Bank and Eye Care 4 Kids are responsible for implementing the machine that provides eye exams and glasses.

Photo: Facebook/Come Unto Christ

Bottles of water can be donated as well, and there is a machine that has a series of free items. The cards that this machine dispenses offer up ideas for acts of service, coupled with scripture references.

Check out the video below:

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