12 Things We Were Taught As Kids That You Don’t See Enough Of These Days

They may seem outdated to some, but these are the manners we grew up with. There wasn’t any two ways about it: this was how you were expected to behave, especially when in public. The consequences for talking back or disobeying were often a swift clip of the ears or the behind as these were not negotiable or “sometimes” rules. These manners molded us into the people we are today!

1) The Golden Rule

Back when we were kids, this was the abiding principle in nearly all things. If you wouldn’t like it, then don’t do it to someone else.

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2) Please & Thank You

“Gimme that” wasn’t an option. You always said please and thank you.

3) Yes Ma’am, Yes Sir

You simply didn’t answer an adult without following with a “ma’am” or “sir.” It was just how you showed respect. This went double if you were in trouble!

4) Ask Permission to Be Excused

You didn’t leave the table unless you had been excused. If you needed to leave before the others, you had to ask, and then wait for permission! It didn’t matter if you didn’t like what was on your plate! The same went for situations at school or with any adult: you needed to ask to be excused.

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5) Never Argue with an Adult

Even if you had a good point (or more likely, you thought you did) you were not to argue with any adult. And, smarting off was a sure ticket to a spanking or a time out!

6) Excuse Me

If you committed a faux pas, the way to handle it was to say “excuse me.” It was the only polite thing to do.

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