Man With Cerebral Palsy Can’t Stop Laughing At His Best Friend’s “GoodBye”

Ryan has been friends with Sam, who has cerebral palsy, since high school and the two know how to have a good time – even when saying goodbye.

If you are in need of a wholesome laugh today, this video is where it’s at. While most of us would not associate saying “goodbye” with this level of hilarity, this video is here to show you otherwise.

The video was originally uploaded on a TikTok channel called @extrememotus and these best buddies clearly have a blast with each other.

Photo: TikTok/@extrememotus

Ryan has been friends with Sam, who has cerebral palsy, since high school. That does not stop them from having a great time. So, what did Ryan do that had Sam laughing so hard? It was his method for saying “goodbye” that made him lose it. He kept repeatedly turning and opening the door and we cannot lie, we were struggling to hold it together ourselves.

These are the videos that will make you treasure the friendships that you already have. For example, it made us stop and think long and hard about some of the friendships that we have maintained over the course of our lives.

Photo: TikTok/@extrememotus

How many of your friends from high school are you still in touch with on a regular basis? It’s food for thought.

We still have a couple of high school buddies that we talk to on a regular basis and this story is making us cherish those connections. It’s so fun to see Ryan and Sam interact with each other. Even if we did not know any better, we would have been able to figure out that they have been friends for a very long time.

Photo: TikTok/@extrememotus

There are certain tells that let you know people have been buddies since they were kids. They have the sort of freewheeling and easy connection that comes naturally. Saying goodbye can definitely be hard but it becomes much easier when you know that you have the sort of friendship that is able to last the test of time.

You can see their heartwarming and hilarious goodbye in the video below:


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