7 Great Christian Authors (Who Aren’t C.S. Lewis)

C.S. Lewis is a go-to popular writer for Christians. Between the Chronicles of Narnia series and accessible books on deeper theology like Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters, Lewis’ writing talent makes him an easy gateway to a relationship with Christ. These authors aren’t C.S. Lewis, and they’re not contemporary like Max Lucado or Philip Yancey, so you may be unfamiliar. Read on for an introduction to a world of devout literary genius.

Frank E. Peretti

Frank Peretti’s 1986 bestseller This Present Darkness was just the beginning of a 20-year career for the supernatural suspense and horror writer. Peretti’s contemporary visions of spiritual warfare resonate with the oft-maligned Christian culture, and the path to victory is constantly shone through prayer and a deep relationship with Jesus and reliance on the Holy Spirit. His works have been adapted into movies, and Peretti has become a leading campaigner against bullying and childhood violence in the last decade. Other notable works include Hangman’s Curse, The Visitation and The Cooper Kids Adventure Series.

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