Wounds Hurt, But Scars Tell A Story

Pastor Jeff Bethke has a passion to share God’s healing power. In this brief message, he addresses the tender topic of wounds and scars. Wounds hurt, and we tend to cover them up, but if they go ignored and untreated, the wounds fester and become infected. So it is in our Christian lives. When we have a wound that we refuse to let Jesus heal, it doesn’t go away, it infects every other aspect of our lives. When the wound is finally healed, it leaves a scar. This scar no longer hurts, but it is a reminder of what happened, and how we were healed.

Be encouraged today to tell the story behind your scar, and allow Jesus to have victory over every part of your life! For more thought provoking and encouraging messages from Jeff, check out Wilderness and Grace Vs. Fear.

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