Test Your Knowledge. Take the Genesis Bible Quiz

How well do you know the book of Genesis? Take this quick quiz and see!

How well do you know the book of Genesis? Take this Genesis Bible quiz and share with us in the comments how many you got correct. Also, share this with your friends and family to test their knowledge.


The Genesis Bible Quiz

1. Who was the first man to commit murder in the Bible?

2. The bloodline of Jesus Came through what son of Jacob?

3. Which one of Noah’s sons disgraced him and received a curse?

4. What was the name of Jacob’s youngest son?

5. What is the name of Abraham’s Nephew?

6. Who lived for 969 years?

7. Who sold his birthright for a meal?

8. What was the name of Rachel’s sister that first married Jacob?

9. The Greek name for the first five books of the Hebrew Bible?

10. To Whom did Abraham offer a tithe?

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1. Cain

2. Judah

3. Ham

4. Benjamin

5. Lot

6. Methuselah

7. Esau

8. Leah

9. Pentateuch

10. Melchizedek, King of Salem