An Abandoned Newborn Baby Gets Saved By An Unlikely Hero, A Stray Dog!

In Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, farmer Fabio Anze is good friends with a local dog. The stray, called La China, is a neighborhood friend, fed and given water, and a regular companion to Fabio when he’s in the field. A few years ago, she was also the talk of the town as a heroine with four legs.

See, the dog’s motherly instincts kicked in when she heard the cries of an abandoned newborn. After she found the baby boy, she dragged him back to her den, where she was caring for her own newborns. When Fabio was working later that day, he heard both China’s barks for attention and the baby’s cries, leading to an incredible rescue.

Image via dog heirs

Image via DogHeirs

The dog was hailed as a hero, given a prized water bowl, bed, and certificate of achievement. As a stray, the attention was a little overwhelming, but she seemed to settle in just fine before returning to care for her pups. It just goes to show that no matter the situation, man’s best friend really is part of the family.

See the story playout in the heartwarming news report below!

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