Northern Lights and Milk Way Views – Let Your Jaw Drop at the Beauty of the Night!

What makes Earth so special? Everyday, radiation and particles from the sun collide with our magnetic field – and they are SO BEAUTIFUL. These are the Northern Lights.

Everyday, the sun emits radiation and matter as it burns. In our case, this is really good as it keeps the planet warm, gives plant’s light for photosynthesis and generally lets us live a normal life. But in that same radiation are charged particles that leave Mars a barren wasteland and the moon rocky. Why is Earth special? Well, the matter collides with Earth’s magnetic field, an invisible protection against the elements – and that collision is so beautiful you’ve probably seen pictures and heard of it. These are the Northern Lights. And they are amazing! Check out the wonderful video of timelapse photography capture the awesomeness of the night sky below!