Most Weddings Are The Happiest Day For Families And Friends, But This One Comes With Mixed Emotions…

We should all be as brave and loving as Jayla Cooper. See how she was granted her dying wish of a dream wedding.

Jayla was dressed in ruffled white and wore a gorgeous tiara. The groom promised to be her best friend forever. They exchanged rings, and the lucky couple glowed as they danced to their favorite tune — “Love Bug” by the Jonas Brothers.

Although exceptionally young (Jayla Cooper is 9 and the groom, Jose Griggs, is just 7), the couples parents were behind them all the way. For Jayla, who has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia and who, according to her doctors, may only have weeks to live, the “wedding” was less a dream come true than a last wish.

Jayla has since passed away, but her legacy of love and courage endures. Her final days are a testament to faith and strength. We should all be so brave. We can use her story to remind us that time is short, make the most of the time on this planet before we go to meet our Father in heaven.