If God Is All-Powerful, Why Doesn’t He Stop The Pandemic?

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The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed over 4.5 million lives worldwide (see also Johns Hopkins data tracking and the World Health Organization data sets), leaving many families broken, grieving, and questioning their faith. How can a good God allow such pain? This falls under the theological concept of “The Problem of Evil.” This is nothing new, though the pandemic has brought the issue front and center for a lot of Christians. What is the problem of evil? In short, this is a question of how to reconcile the existence of evil and suffering with an omnipotent, omnibenevolent, and omniscient God.

Christians just like you are asking the tough question of how God can allow the Covid-19 pandemic to continue to destroy lives if He has the power to stop it. Over on eBible.com, there’s a lively discussion of God’s power, His responsibility, and His moral obligation during this pandemic. I’ve compiled some of our top answers for you to browse through, but you can view the original question and answer thread here!

Satan’s Work, Not God’s Work


This answer comes from eBible user, Aurel Gheorghe:

I’m sure that most of us at some point have asked how a God of love can allow sin and suffering to exist – how come He does not intervene and ends world hunger, injustice, or COVID-19 pandemic.

The best answer is found in Matthew 13 as Jesus tells the parable of the sower. After sowing good seed, the servants of the landowner were surprised to find tares growing alongside the wheat. The sower knew his seed was good, and he knew where the weeds came from, “An enemy did this” (Matt 13:28).

God created a perfect world, a perfect universe. And He also made Lucifer. Through his own choices Lucifer became Satan. God created Lucifer; He did not create Satan. Likewise, the pain and suffering we face are not “acts of God,” as so often is implied when disaster strikes. Rather than blame God, we know: “An enemy did this!”

In moments of crisis our resolve can be put to test, our faith, and even our belief in God. But we always try to remember that none of this was part of God’s plan.

Fulfilling Prophecy


Another answer comes from Thomas Riccardi:

We live in a world that is controlled by Satan and his army. He is also the prince of the air. Prophecy is being fulfilled which is hard but exciting at the same time. Matthew 24 (the whole chapter) tells us what to expect and it is coming about. This virus is a terrible thing but it is also a mechanism used by those who, under Satan’s direction, will bring about further prophecy being fulfilled. Christ is coming, don’t fear, keep your faith strong and be glad in the Lord!

The Sovereignty of God


The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is immutable. (cf. Exodus 3:6; John 8:58)

Neither is the Lord apologetic of who He ‘is, and was and is to come’ the latter of which spells blood, brimstone and fire. In short, the sovereignty of God ought never be compromised lest the fear of God be vaguely translated as ‘a reverential awe of God’ bereft of fear and found on some poor geriatric grappling for his mojo in the dispensation of grace.

And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. ESV Matthew 10:28

To reiterate, the sovereignty of God ought never be compromised in the dispensation of grace. (cf. Exodus 15:26; Job 31:15; Proverbs 22:2; Romans 11:22). Fear God. And love him all the more.

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