Born Again Christian News Reporter Makes A Heartbreaking Announcement

News anchor Dave Benton reveals to his viewers that his brain cancer is back and his days are numbered. He takes comfort in the fact that his life is in God’s hands and looks forward to making the most of the time he has left.

Dave Benton, a reporter for WCIA-TV, announced during a newscast that he has only four to six months to live. His brain cancer has returned and as a result of its size it was determined to be too big for surgery or radiation. The last possible course of action that remains is a treatment that will slow the cancers growth. This, however, will only grant him a few extra days.

Dave Benton is a born again Christian that takes considerable pride in this aspect of his life. He knows that he is in God’s care at this point and this has brought him peace, something very apparent during his newscast. His final goal is to live out his remaining days to their fullest.