Is Love Worth The Work? These Benefits Of Being In Love Might Surprise You

Despite the heartache that can come with love, studies suggest that it’s more than worth it, mentally and physically. Relationships based on real love give more than they take, bestowing upon you the opportunity to learn, grow and flex the virtues of selflessness and empathy. Read on to learn some of the proven benefits of falling head over heels.

8. Happiness

First and foremost, love makes you happy. It generates feelings of joy and well-being, explains Psychology Today.

7. Selflessness

These feelings of happiness translate directly to feelings and acts of generosity. Because love makes you feel good, you naturally want to make others happy as well. Tapping into your inner selflessness results in acts of kindness toward both your partner and the world at large.

6. Validation

When you give love and receive it in return, you feel important, worth something… special. You feel validated, as if you are part of something bigger than yourself and not alone in the world.

5. Growth

Love also helps you to grow emotionally and mentally. Your acts of kindness are not just material proof of what you have; you learn how to truly think of others. As you care for your partner, you learn how to put them first, even above yourself. This give and take also helps you to learn to communicate with others, putting yourself in their shoes to better understand things from many perspectives.

4. Energy

Being in love gives you energy, which benefits all aspects of your life. This love energy, according to Dr. Clancy D. McKenzie, powers you throughout the day, helping you to wake up earlier and accomplish more. Love flows through the doorway to vitality, one of the chakras of spiritual power, explains Gaiam Life.

3. Creativity

Love is crucial to creativity. This muse has inspired countless works of art, music and literature. These mediums are a way to inspire and share the joy of love with others.

2. Radiance

Love lends a radiance and vitality, giving you a tell-tale glow. This phenomenon lights you from the inside out, becoming visually apparent. According to Woman’s Day, this radiance is due in part to the healthy glow of skin unhindered by stress-induced acne. Love helps to relieve stress, managing cortisol levels that cause breakouts.

1. Health

Love gives you overall better health, states WebMD. Because it lowers stress and strengthens you mentally, you are less inclined to be depressed and anxious. This reduces self-medicating.. Less stress also leads to lower blood pressure, faster healing and lessened chronic pain.

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