Couple Married By The Pope On Airplane After An Earthquake Leveled Their Church

When the Pope learned the couple, two flight attendants, hadn’t been married in the church because of the earthquake, he drafted a contract and married them on the spot!

When horrific events take place, people are often fond of claiming that they happen for a reason. While there are some who struggle with this logic more than others, many of the darkest clouds do come with silver linings.

Sometimes, the most astonishing miracles are actually borne out of tragedy. The couple that you are about to meet has learned this lesson firsthand.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Paula Podest and Carlos Ciufardi both work as flight attendants. They have been married for over a decade now but there is just one problem. They have never been given the chance to enjoy the wedding ceremony of their dreams. Everything seemed to be against them in this regard. Can you believe that an earthquake leveled the church where they planned to get married in just days before the ceremony?

That’s the type of thing that can make someone believe that all of the odds are against them. It would be hard for us to get over something like that. After a while, the couple decided that they needed to accept their fate. Their dream wedding simply would not happen. Of course, all of that changed once they were given the chance to meet Pope Francis.

Photo: YouTube/ITV News

As luck would have it, they ended up working on the papal plane, as it was heading from Santiago to Iquique, Chile. The crew wanted to get their pictures taken with him and he took this moment to ask them a very logical question. He asked Paula and Carlos if they had the chance to be married in the church. Of course, they had to tell him that they had not.

They talked to Pope Francis about their failed dreams and the most amazing thing happened. He asked them if he would like for them to be married by His Holiness!

Photo: YouTube/ITV News

As you would have expected, they jumped at the chance and they said yes immediately.

The marriage contract was drafted on the spot and the ceremony went off without a hitch. They got married by the Pope right there on the plane! Now that is an amazing story that they will be able to tell forever. This is the first-ever airborne papal wedding ceremony in history.

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