Church Pays Off $5.2M Of Medical Debt For Low-Income Families

The church spent a year raising money from members so it could surprise people across 28 neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles.

Christian Assembly Church in Eagle Rock, California has done something that few other organizations could ever accomplish. When you see what they have done, you are going to be absolutely stunned.

It all started when they began asking their parishioners to donate to an unknown cause. Finally, church co-pastor Ted Hughes made a major announcement about where all of the money would be going.

Photo: YouTube/ABC7

As it turns out, the church was able to raise enough money to wipe out a massive amount of medical debt. $5 million dollars has been removed from the books, as the money is going to be used to pay off the medical debts of struggling families all over California. $50,000 is all it took, as the church was able to remove the debt for pennies on the dollar.

RIP Medical Debt is the company that was down to help out and they deserve a lot of kudos here as well. Now, over 5,500 low-income families are able to enjoy the relief that is associated with having these debts removed, at long last. Anyone who has ever had an unpaid medical bill hanging over them in the past is sure to relate to this one.


It can be hard to get back above in these instances. None of the families were contacted about the debt relief. They are not going to know that their debts have been wiped away until they receive a letter from Christian Assembly Church about the donation. The eventual improvement to their credit scores is sure to be a welcome sight.

It will also be nice not to be harassed by debt collectors on a constant basis. These calls cause a lot of undue stress and anxiety, as anyone who has ever received one can attest to.

Photo: Unsplash/Alexander Mils

Hopefully, more churches are inspired to follow in this one’s lead. Everyone deserves to have the slate wiped clean so that they can receive a much-needed second chance in life.

“Because of the generosity of the people at Christian Assembly Church, we are able to give a Christmas gift to the people of Los Angeles, no strings attached,” announced co-pastor Hughes. “As they recover from their illness, it will help them get back on their feet and avoid homelessness.”

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