Gavin is like most four-year-old boys but there is one major difference that we have to mention. He is completely blind. That’s what makes this video such an amazing one.

The bravery that he displays here is enough to leave you choked up. As parents ourselves, we had to do whatever we could to get thru this video without breaking down into a weepy mess.

Photo: YouTube/gavinsgroupies

Gavin is providing inspiration to all of us, whether he realizes it or not. Sadly, this young man is suffering from a condition that is known as Leber’s congenital amaurosis. This is the cause of his blindness.

Has he allowed this condition to keep him from exploring the world around him? Absolutely not and our hearts are bursting with joy just watching him!

Photo: YouTube/gavinsgroupies

When he starts to pump himself up before stepping down in the video below, it is one of the most adorable moments that we have ever seen. He says “I can do it!” then he proceeds to live out his dreams. He takes his first step off a curb with no problem and this kid is an absolute pro. We cannot begin to imagine just how proud his parents must be of him.

Before this video was taken, Gavin was doing everything in his power to get ready for the big moment. He was practicing with his cane for quite some time.

Photo: YouTube/gavinsgroupies

While there are some people out there who would use a diagnosis like this one as an excuse not to take care of themselves, Gavin is simply not one of those people.

He wants to be able to do things on his own and his parents are more than happy to encourage him in that regard. His mother says that he gets so happy about these achievements and it is easy to see why. He has overcome a lot during his short life. We sincerely hope that he continues to do just that.

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