There are some things that many of us take for granted because they are part of our life every day. Seeing color is one of those things, but not everybody sees color the same way.

This included a young boy named Jude, who has colorblindness. His father, who regularly posts on Reddit, wanted to get Jude a special present for his 10th birthday.

Photo: Reddit/u/Raising_Danger

Jude had a request. He wanted some colorblind glasses. Little did he know that it would be more than a present for him. It would be a gift for the entire family.

The video shows it all. You can tell that Jude is excited when they give him a package. The entire room is filled with balloons, which makes it even more festive.

Photo: Reddit/u/Raising_Danger

Jude opens the package and suddenly starts crying when he realizes it is a pair of Enchroma glasses. He gives his mother a big hug and yells thank you to everyone.

The entire family is overcome with emotion. Even Jude’s 13-year-old brother loves seeing him so happy.

When dad encourages Jude to put on the glasses, you suddenly understand why there are so many colorful balloons in the room. Jude hugs his mother and tells everyone how much the glasses will help him.

Photo: Reddit/u/Raising_Danger

You can hear the father sniffling behind the camera if you listen carefully. Obviously, the entire family was overcome with emotion.

Jude’s father shared on Reddit that the boy was eight years old when he was diagnosed with deuteranomaly. That condition makes it hard to see the color green and red.

When he was diagnosed, glasses were almost $500. He was afraid that his son would break the glasses or lose them. Since that time, the price has dropped to about $175, and they have a two-year warranty.

These glasses can do interesting things for some people but for others, they don’t make a big jump in what the person sees. They also only work for some. The glasses don’t restore color, but they help to distinguish different colors by filtering light.

Jude only had the glasses for one day, so he wasn’t expecting a lot of feedback at the time. He thinks that he will continue to adjust to wearing the glasses over the next few weeks.

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