Girl Finds Comfort In Singing After Loosing Her Mom At A Young Age

Rhema Marvanne used the gospel and music to get through tragically losing her mother, and she’s still singing to this day.

The resilience of children is amazing. The way that they can fall down and get back up again is incredible to watch, whether we are speaking in a figurative or literal sense.

Rhema Marvanne is the living embodiment of this. A child having to bury their parent is one of the most unspeakable tragedies that a little one can experience but she was forced to endure it.

Photo: YouTube/jeff goetz

A lot of children would have receded from the world at this point in time. It would have been totally understandable, too. Losing a parent is hard and it is not something that gets any easier as we age. There are plenty of grown adults who struggle to resume a normal existence once they have had to lay one of their parents to rest.

Rhema was able to find some solace, though. We are beyond happy for her, as many children have struggled mightily when they find themselves in her position.

Photo: YouTube/jeff goetz

For Rhema, her solace was found in the Lord. Music has the power to heal and she is proof of this principle. In this case, gospel music was the salve for her wounds and now she is sharing her joy (and pain) with the rest of the world.

We are going to warn you now, this is the type of video that will have you grabbing the tissues. You might want to have some handy before you watch, just in case. Rhema’s performance here is one for the ages and we cannot stop running it back, no matter how hard we try.

Photo: YouTube/jeff goetz

Did you know that the song she is singing here is actually her mother’s favorite? This adds a deeper touch of poignancy to the clip. You have probably seen performances of “Amazing Grace” in the past but trust us, you have never seen anything quite like this. It’s a performance for the ages and this is not something that we say lightly.

Since this video was posted, millions have been deeply moved by her performance. Her voice is angelic and we cannot get over how poised and confident she is. Our heart goes out to Rhema during this difficult time and we hope that she continues to find solace in any way that she can.

Rhema is an adult now, but she’s still singing. You can follow her on Instagram, @therealrhemamarvanne.

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