Many of us can point to a specific moment that changed our lives forever. Luke Keller is no different in that regard. This moment came at the perfect time for Luke, as he had reached a low point.

He did not think that life was worth living anymore and he was actively thinking of ways to end his pain. Luke was residing in Lucasville, Ohio at the time.

Photo: YouTube/Leanza Pieroni

According to an interview shared by Leanza Pieroni, everyone thought that he was as happy as could be. After all, he was widely considered a top-notch football player at Valley High School. How could he be so depressed?

It just goes to show you that we do not have any idea what people are going through. Luke was dealing with severe depression and separation anxiety disorder.

Photo: YouTube/Leanza Pieroni

His father had left the family when he was young, his grandmother recently passed away and his grandfather was behind bars. This left Luke feeling as if he had nowhere else to turn. Things had gotten so bad for him, football was not even fun anymore. He was losing interest in one of the activities that he loved the most and he was powerless to do anything about it.

“At the end of my junior year, I remember walking down the hallway, looking outside and thinking ‘What am I even living for?’” he said in the interview. “I was thinking I was going to go home and take my life.” He was in a very dark place and he could not conceive of a way out. When he got home from school that day, he found a list of chores from his mother.

Photo: YouTube/Leanza Pieroni

For some, that might have been the last straw. Luke threw himself into the work and he decided that it was time to have a talk with God. In prayer, he began to find solace. “At this time I was not a believer, but (I said) ‘God, if you are real, say something to me, let me know something. And I felt like He said, ‘I want you to follow me,” Luke shares.

He asked God to repeat himself and he got his answer. “You can ask my neighbors, I dropped down to my knees, and in the middle of my yard I was bawling my eyes out, and from that day on, I’ve been a Christian, and my life’s completely changed,” Luke continued.

He has since leaned on his faith as a means of coping and even made it to Morehead State, where he played as a tight end.

Check out the video below:

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