Couple Emerges From Church Basement After 2+ Years Of Hiding

Oneita and Clive Thompson his in the basement for 843 days to avoid being deported.

When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, everyone got a taste of what it was like to spend more time in the house. Many businesses closed down and those that stayed open had to change their business models entirely. Pick-up services and curbside offerings became the norm. Meanwhile, essential workers were stuck toughing it out and they deserve the most kudos of all.

We learned how to work from home, school our children from home, and socialize through Zoom meetings. While many of us have felt trapped over the course of the past few years, it is nothing compared to what this couple has been forced to endure.

Photo: YouTube/6abc Philadelphia

Oneita and Clive Thompson have been through the wringer as of late. According to CBS News, they came to America from Jamaica back in 2004, seeking refuge from the rampant gang violence that was taking place.

They had seven children and three of them became American citizens. Sadly, the couple lost their asylum status after so many years and ICE was looking to have them deported.

Photo: YouTube/6abc Philadelphia

To avoid deportation while fighting their case to stay in the United States, the Thompsons sought refuge in a church basement and hid there for more than 2 years (843 days, to be exact).

At long last, they were given the chance to enter back into society. They received word from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that their case would be considered, so they no longer have to hide.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Philly

Once they were told that they would have the proper support, they breathed a huge sigh of relief.

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