What Made This Couple Sell Their House And Move To Memphis?

So far, we’ve seen Ben and Jessica struggle with doubts that lead them to walk away from the church and into total darkness. The couple found their way back to the cross, and a fulfilling life in Christ. Now, in the final episode of the miniseries, “Raised?” we see Ben and Jessica fully embracing the love, life, and healing that can only be found in surrender to Christ!
Ben put it this way, “His defeated death has given me life, and I can live completely free to be who I am.” Jessica echoes her husband’s sentiments by reminding us that Jesus didn’t say to his disciples, “isolate yourself and pray and go to church and become more spiritual;” he says, “GO!”
Take heart today, and remember that we are to follow Christ with the attitude of assured victory, which allows us to participate joyfully in the tasks that he has set before us.

Stay tuned for the full length film, coming soon!

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