They Searched For Answers For 10 Years, And Finally Found Fulfillment in Christ!

“Raised?” is a series that follows husband and wife, Ben and Jessica Roberts, as they make a lifelong journey to the cross of Christ. In the first episode, we learned how Ben and Jessica grew up in the church, but had some serious doubts and questions that went unanswered. This lead them to leaving the church, and trying to fill their lives in other ways. Episode two gave us a look into the darkness that surrounded this couple as they continued to fill the empty space in their hearts with drugs, alcohol, and things of this world. In this third installment of the Robert’s powerful testimony, we see God reach down and grab ahold of their hearts, and turn their eyes towards him.

Jessica says, “Through it all, I learned that God does not distance himself from our suffering, rather, he enters into our suffering.” She goes on to say that what really changed, was the realization that Christ came to die on earth, but he didn’t stay dead, and the same power working to raise Christ from the grave, is at work in her. In me. In you. May God continue to bless this couple as they pour out their hearts and use their testimony to advance the Gospel!

Stay tuned for the final episode, and the full length film!

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