After Babysitting Two Homeless Boys, Their Parents Asked This Pastor A Surprising Question!

As they walked out of service one day, the homeless parents approached Pastor Ronnie and his wife to ask this startling question!

“We just looked at each other and knew, there was no other option. Of course we said yes.”

Two brothers, one 7-months old and one 2-years old, were left outside of a donation box in between bags of trash at the Metropolitan Ministries, who discovered the family was homeless and living in a tent in the woods. The family would often eat at Refuge Church’s soup kitchen. Pastor Ronnie Stewart and his wife Krystal offered to take take the children home to bathe them and warm them up on a cold November night – the kids were so dirty, they had to bathe them and drain the tub twice! When they took the children home, they offered up their phone number in case the family needed any help in the future… but they never expected THIS!

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