After Giving Her Baby Up For Adoption, This Mother Whispered An Impossible Prayer: To See Her Daughter Before She Died

Sixteen year old Minka was assaulted and raped in 1928. This innocent farm girl soon found herself pregnant and ill-equipped to care for and provide an adequate life for a child. The baby was born in secret and given up for adoption. As Minka grew older, she never forgot her baby girl, and often wondered where she was, and how her life turned out. After years and years of writing letters and searching for her daughter, Minka was certain that they would never meet. It was during this desperate time she cried out to God, and asked for her deepest longing to be fulfilled: just to see her daughter before she died. Little did Minka know, that same day a judge was releasing the sealed adoption papers to Minka’s 77 year old daughter.

This video “gives us a glimpse of how three generations finally came together over the course of a century to tell a story of faith that triumphs, forgiveness that sets us free, and love that never forgets.” – Cathy (Minka’s granddaughter)

Source: Mom and Daughter Reunite After 77 Years by andreasen5299 on Rumble

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