How to Achieve Healthy Growth Even In Adversity

Life sometimes seems as if it is one crisis after another. As a person of faith, your relationship with God is a resource for crisis situations, whether they involve finances, health or other challenges. Here are some tips to keep your faith when the going gets tough.

Build on Your Existing Faith


Even though you may feel your faith is small, lean into it. Faith grows as it is exercised, but the growth process is sometimes uncomfortable.

Build Relationships with Others


While faith is about your personal relationship with God, others who are walking a similar path can help you face difficulties. They can lift you up when you are down.

Read the Bible


Learn from the stories of God’s people who also overcame adversity. Find inspiration as you see how faith helped these imperfect people through their difficulties.

Face Your Fears


Compare your greatest fears to what God says in the scriptures. With his promises, you may fewer reasons to be scared.

Look at the Benefits of Trials


Trials teach you to rely more on God. Sometimes the crisis reveals you are depending too heavily on your own abilities or the strength of others. Learn the lesson God is trying to teach you.

Develop Your Sense of Purpose


As you work through a time of adversity, remember your purpose in life. If you are not sure of your purpose, look for it with study and prayer. Living life with purpose provides direction during times of trial.

Work to Pass the Test


Some people fail, but remaining faithful is your goal. If you find yourself slipping, reach out to God and others for strength to endure.

Be Obedient


Trials can tempt you to take a shortcut and forget your core values. When facing difficulties, keep following the revealed will of God by being obedient to his word.

Seek Transformation


Adversity brings about change. Strive for these changes to bring you closer to God.



Prayer is a natural extension of your faith. If you are not sure of what to say, consider beginning with these written prayers for financial stability.

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