These 10 Memorials Honor The Fallen So Beautifully!

Since the first battles of the American Revolution, countless men and women have given their lives to protect the ideals and freedoms of the United States of America. Their sacrifices are remembered today at memorial sites located all across the country. Remember the fallen at one of these 10 U.S. War Memorials.

10. Arlington National Cemetery

One of the most stirring war memorials is Arlington National Cemetery, overlooking the Potomac River in Washington D.C. The cemetery contains over 400,000 graves of servicemen and servicewomen who have fought in every major conflict from the Civil War to present day.

9. National Memorial Arch

This war memorial can be found in the Valley Forge National Historical Park of Pennsylvania. The National Memorial Arch marks the triumphant arrival of General George Washington and his Continental Army into Valley Forge.

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