This Dad’s Hilarious Photos Will Make You Feel Like The World’s Best Father

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There’s no way to truly prepare for parenthood. The best we can do is take things one day at a time. Well, newbie dads everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief thanks to photographer Dave Engledow’s hilarious “World’s Best Father” photo series.

His tongue-in-cheek photos were an instant hit and went viral in 2012. He’s now turned them into a full-length photo book, Confessions of the World’s Best Father, and the story continues on his Facebook page.

All of his photos are obviously staged and in no way put his children in danger, but being able to see some absolutely hilarious photos like the ones you are about to see should make everyone who has had children feel a little bit better about the many ways they go about their daily lives with kids at home.

Curious about how Dave creates these hilarious images? Click through to see a video of him in action.

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