What Is God Saying To You Today?

God speaks to us all in different ways. What is He saying to you? See how we all need to be receptive to His voice.

How does God get your attention?  I recently asked myself this question.  How do I know when God wants me to hear something very specific?  Let me explain.  We all know that the Bible is a big book with many teachings and stories.  Sometimes we will not hear or read the same passage for long periods of time but other times, we will hear or reference the same passage often.  This was my experience over the past 2 weeks.

The Parable of the Sower is a parable that Jesus told and is recorded in the gospels.  This is a story that I have read through and heard spoken on many, many times.  I know this story very well but sometimes even though we may be familiar or know a biblical story, God will make a new part of the story come alive.  Three times I came across this story in about two weeks.  The first time was while I was teaching through the series called Crazy Love by Francis Chan and in one of the later chapters, Chan writes about this parable.  Then the following week as I am leading our Sunday school class thru the book of Mark, we just happened to be at the place in Mark that discussed this parable.  In fact, one class member commented that we just studied this passage in a different context.  We spent the entire week looking through this parable.  Then finally, I heard a sermon at a pastor’s conference that I was at in Wisconsin last week.  Same parable by Jesus, by three different speakers, in three different contexts.  Hum???  Coincidence???  Does God ever do this type of thing in your life?


Each time I interacted with this text, I was again reminded of different elements of the story but still I had to pause and ask, “God what are you trying to tell me here?”  Now I’m not one who has ever heard audibly from God but I don’t believe that life is about coincidences but rather that God is in control of what is going on and has a plan for my life.

It would take more space than I have here to completely explain what I believe God was telling me from this parable.  But my point is not what he was teaching me, but that God will often speak to us in different ways and I think we often miss hearing his calling or how he is talking to us.  Has this happened to you?  Sometimes we are too busy or preoccupied to hear from God.  I read a recent report that said that 6 out of every 10 Christians around the world feel their hectic schedule prevents them from hearing or spending more time with God.  That is more than half of us.  Busy schedules seem to be part of who we are and they have become the norm for us.  Hearing from God and walking in obedience to Him is a great way to bring honor and glory to God.  He delights in us when we live our lives in obedience to Him.  So when was the last time God spoke to you?  Did you hear it?


Pastor Daryl

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