Tragic Case of Bullying Has Amazing Silver Lining

See how thousands of strangers donated to this grandmother of 8 after she was mercilessly bullied.

This week the the shocking case of a Greece, New York school bus monitor’s bullying made headlines around the world. Karen Klein, a 68-year-old grandmother of eight and former school bus driver was mercilessly bullied by a group of seventh grade boys while riding on a bus. The disturbing video of the bullying went viral and got a lot of people’s attention.

When Toronto man Max Sidorov read about the bullying on the Huffington Post, he decided that he would rally the internet to help send Karen on a dream vacation and help her retire. He set a goal of $5,000 on the fundraising site and shared his idea on various social media outlets. His goal was reached almost immediately, and at the time of writing nearly $500,000 has been raised for Karen. God bless Max! And God bless all the total strangers who have reached out to Karen to support her. We pray that this money helps Karen get over the pain of the bullying.