This congregation happened to be in church on a Saturday night when they got the most terrifying news possible.

A tornado was headed towards the building. They were in severe danger. The news started to spread around the parish hall of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church near Dallas, Texas. Adults and children were both present at the time, as well.

Photo: YouTube/Eduardo Perez

Of course, this only served to make things even more terrifying. 45 attendees were given the necessary heads up about the approaching danger. From there, they headed to the hallway that connects the main church and their parish hall. It was not long ago before the tornado arrived and the exterior of the building was torn to absolute shreds. This was nothing short of an act of God.

Everyone did their best to keep each other safe, as they held onto each other and prayed their way through the harrowing process.

Photo: YouTube/Eduardo Perez

The attendees stayed low to the ground, as other brave souls did whatever they could to keep the wind from blowing the doors open. Can you imagine how terrifying this must have been to the children who happened to be in attendance on this fateful night?

“We could see the beams bending and the aluminum roof being ripped away,” one of the youth pastors said when they spoke to CNN after the incident was over. “As soon as the worst was over, we began to sing to keep the kids calm.” That’s all you can do in a scenario like this one. You just hang on to the ones you love and then you hope for the best.

Photo: YouTube/Eduardo Perez

Once the chaos was finally over, there was no shortage of destruction left in the tornado’s wake. The churchgoers knew that they were beyond blessed to have made it through the tornado alive. How the congregation made it through the tornado unharmed is beyond our understanding but we are happy to report that they are all fine.

This is the only church in the town of Emory, Texas, which only has a population of 1,200 people. A GoFundMe page was established to pay for the damages and they set a goal of $5,000. To date, they have managed to raise just over $4,000. Please be sure to share away, so that this church is able to build back better than ever before. The video below is an astonishing watch, especially once you know that everyone made it safely.

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