Deep faith requires deep understanding. Deep understanding comes from time and effort in digesting the messages that Jesus Christ has left for us.

The Adulterous Woman: Jn. 8: 3-11


It is fear that rules us now.

Fear has me by the hair.

An entire company of fear

drags me through the streets.

The dust is choking me.

Fear dries my mouth.

I am afraid that I will die!

This is a man’s world.

They use us for their pleasures,

then, when it suits their designs,

they throw us to the wolves.

That one there, the one

pulling at his boyish beard,

is the one who took me to bed.

Now he stands sheepishly

deep within this crowd that wants

to condemn only me here.

Stone me?  Stone him!


Who is this I am brought before?

His eyes look into mine

as if he knows me.

Who is he to judge me?

Why do they bring me to him?

Moses!  Moses!  Always Moses!

I know that I am a sinner,

but my sins are merely those of desire.

My sins bend to simple pleasures.

These hypocrites destroy and condemn,

hold the law over our heads,

like swords and stones,

all in the holy name of Moses.

Moses did not have laws enough.

These make more and more

to keep us beneath their thumbs.

Moses lead us out of slavery;

these make slaves of us all.

But it is fear that grips me here.

I don’t want to die!


“Stone her!  She has been caught

in the very act of adultery.

This is what Moses said.

What do you say, Sir?”

What is this silence?

You bend down to me

I see something in your eyes

that I have never seen before.

I am somehow less afraid.

What is it you write in the dust?

Why have their faces gone ashen?

I hear you say,

“Let he who has no sin in him

cast the first stone.”

What is this silence?

I hear only the shuffle of feet,

the rustle of garments.

No stones!

No stones!

Only this gentle silence.

You lift me up.

You look into my eyes.

I hear power in your voice,

a gentle power I’ve never heard before.

You smile at me.

I want to fall into your arms.

Where is the fear?

“Where are your accusers, woman?”

You say, almost laughing.

“Has not one condemned you?”

“No, Sir.”

“Neither do I. Go then.

Woman,  know that you are

beautiful in your soul.

Sin no more then.

Be who you were made to be.”

“Yes! Yes, Rabbi. I will sin no more.”


I am alone.

This one they call Jesus

has made me look

into my very self.

What is this welling up

I feel within me?

Oh, God.  Let it never pass.