Giving Us the Holy Spirit

God wants to give us the Holy Ghost more then man wants to receive it.

A plant in the house is in confinement (bondage). It will never grow bigger then the inside of the house. Therefore it can never reach it’s potential….but let it find a hole or a crack and it will shoot forth a branch or vine, outside, in real sunshine (the true light). Now watch what it does! That vine will grow and praise God, and wave it’s leaves in the wind and be happy and grow bigger and bigger.

The vine that’s in the house is getting dusty; outside when it rains everything gets washed clean. The vine is still getting it’s food from the inside of the house, but praising God for the truth it found, outside of (bondage) the house. Now, the branch that’s outside, happy and free, still feeds from the ground where the roots are planted; (in bondage). If a seed is planted in the ground it will grow; that’s the law of God. But one day the man of the house finds this vine growing forth outside the house (outside of man made rules) and he goes and chops it off; (excommunicated) now it falls to the ground, gets stomped on, run over and pushed in the dirt.

After a good long while; maybe even a year or more; all of a sudden there sprouts a little leaf from the ground. Remember, there was life in that branch when it was cut off! When it found that ground (the Bible, the Word, the Truth) to sink it’s roots in and the Sun shines on it, it will come forth again, the same as it’s Papa and Mama, inside the house (still in bondage) except now it feeds on Holy food (sun shine and rain which no man can produce)

Now it grows big and strong and much healthier then the one inside the house. It can grow to the full potential. The wind may blow and the storms may come but it’s rooted down deep.

So is it with a Christian: We must have our own ground to root in (personal relationship with Christ) and eat of the Holy food (every word that comes out of the mouth of God) that means from Genesis to Revelation.

Now we can put all our faith in God, not man, and trust Him that he will provide all that we have need of.

God wants to give us the Holy Ghost more then man wants to receive it.