Ever heard the idea of living for the weekend? We all get it, we really do. We wake up, we go to work, we go home, we sleep; we wake up, we go to school; we come home, we sleep. Some variation of these activities is the vast majority of our lives. They get boring. I mean, I know this: sometimes work is just work, even though it’s a really cool job where I get to source video content, engage our fans on Facebook, and write all day. So if I could fast forward the days to get to my goal, would I? Would you? Soul Pancake asked that very question with their new Blitz remote. Skip the boring parts, get right to life as we expect it. So, would you take the deal? Well, their interviewees point out something very important: yeah, you skip the boring part, but what do you miss in the process? Are you still you? Questions to ponder. Take joy in this moment, right now, by clicking play on the video below.