After 4 Years Of Searching, He FINALLY Found His Birth Mom. And I Couldn’t Believe Where He Found Her!

See how after years of searching Steve found out he’d been working side by side with his own mother!

Steve Flaig always knew he was adopted and when he turned 18, with the blessing and encouragement of his adoptive parents, he began to search for his birth mother. After 4 years of searching he realized that the had been spelling his birth mothers name incorrectly. When he began spelling her name correctly, he found that there was a Christine Tallady living very near the Lowes home improvement store that he worked at. After talking with co-workers, though, he came to the realization that not only did his birth mother live nearby, she worked at the same Lowes! The two had been interacting as co-workers for several months.

Watch this heartwarming reunion of birth mother and son. Some might call this story a random coincidence but see God’s hand in this miraculous reunion. What do you think?