It is always hard on military families to have someone deployed overseas. There is the constant worry about what could happen, the uncertainty about when they will be seen again, and of course there’s just plain missing them when they are not around. For the Clark family, it was one of those times. 11-year-old Karleigh hasn’t seen her dad in 9 months. Sgt. Mike Clark, United States Army, had been deployed and was serving in Kuwait and Iraq during that time.

Luckily, that time apart for the Clarks was coming to a close soon. Karleigh knew her dad was coming home, but she didn’t know exactly when he would be home. She certainly did not think it would be as early as it was! Karleigh was at her softball game like it was any other day, but her dad had something special planned instead.

Watch as he surprises her at exactly the perfect moment — just as she is coming up to bat! Welcome home, Sgt. Clark!