SHOCKING NEWS: Saudi Grand Mufti Calls For “Destruction of All Churches”!

PRAY for all the embattled Christians in the Middle East! Read this terrifying news from the region!

In horrifying news from the Middle East, the highest religious official in Saudi Arabia has declared that Christianity can not be tolerated on the Arabian Peninsula. The International Business Times reports that Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, the grand mufti, proclaimed it “necessary to destroy all the churches of the region.” This shocking pronouncement appears to be a case of fundamentalist one upmanship in the region. Recently Kuwait, Saudi Arabia’s neighbor, put a ban on the construction of all non-Muslim places of worship.


The Grand Mufti, who is the head of the Supreme Council of Islamic Scholars, quoted the Prophet Mohammed who said that the Arabian Peninsula is to exist under only one religion. Christian churches are already banned in Saudi Arabia, so his statement seems to be pressuring neighboring countries to destroy churches there. This decree has enraged Christians across the region and raised fears that churches will come under attack from civilians, regardless of whether the governments mandate their destruction.

Please take a moment to pray for all the Christians in the Middle East. For centuries they have remained steadfast against this kind of intolerance. Pray that this terrible declaration does not get acted upon. Pray for wisdom in the leaders of these Middle Eastern countries, that they may realize the error of attacking the Christian minority. And thank God for the freedom of worship that we so often take for granted.

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