Searching For Jesus

See how a 16-year-old developed a search engine that gives all its profits to the needy!

Do you Google? Do you Bing? Maybe you should Benelab…

Sixteen-year-old Seattleite Jack Kim had an vision. His believed that of the tens of billions of dollars that are made by search engine companies, like Google, every year; some of that money should go to ease suffering around the world. With that in mind, Jack and other like-minded students from his small Christian high school set about creating

Benelab is a search engine with a business model similar to Google or Yahoo’s. Advertisers pay Benelab to display their ads next to your search results. When you click on those ads Benelab gets paid. The difference between them and the big search engines is that all that ad revenue is donated to a new charity every month. Their donations have, so far, been modest. But with your help these incredible kids could be donating millions of dollars to worthy causes!

Visit and consider adding them to the search bar in your browser – you’ll find a link to do so at the top right corner of your screen on their homepage. To learn more about this wonderful project and the visionary kids behind it, read this article from the Puget Sound Business Journal.