Saving Laurie: God’s Relentless Pursuit Of One Woman

Finding God fearful and judging, Laurie Ishii ran to street gangs and drugs and tried to commit suicide. Her life is proof GOD LOVES US!

Laurie Ishii’s terrible misunderstanding of God’s grace – thinking that she had to be perfect to loved by God – led her to rebel against Him and live a sinful life. Laurie joined a street gang, enjoying the violent lifestyle until one day she was almost killed in a drive by shooting. This led her to leave the gang but she became hopelessly addicted to drugs, trading sex to get high. See how God continued to speak to Laurie and pursue her, no matter what horrible choices she made. He knew that Laurie was more than a drug addled prostitute and He had much bigger plans for her! See the amazing changes He has made in her life!